Elizabeth Karlhuber was born in Australia and grew up in a suburb of Melbourne. After completing a degree in languages at Melbourne University, she left Australia to continue her studies in Switzerland, prolonged her stay for a further year, and ended up as a permanent resident and a Swiss citizen. She lives with her Swiss husband and their dog and cat near Basel, Switzerland, and in a small village in Provence, France.

Set on Greek islands, in Provence, or in the Swiss city of Basel, her novels explore the manifold aspects of personal relationships, the never-ending quest for one’s own identity, and the many ways a person’s past can affect both present and future. A natural story-teller, she also weaves a wealth of thought-provoking details into her books on topics ranging from art and music to local customs, current affairs and the status of women in modern society.

Elizabeth Karlhuber’s novels are published in Switzerland by Karlhuber Publications and can be ordered online from Bider & Tanner AG, Basel.

‘I would like to believe that my books, like the music of Mischa and Stéphane in The Rainbow Seekers, strike a chord deep inside the reader, evoking an impression of familiarity even though we remain strangers.’

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