Ghosts from the Past

When her mother became involved in the feminist movement in Australia in the 1970s, Cassandra Crawford had no idea how radically this would affect her own life, that it would precipitate her parents' estrangement, and influence not only her own choice of career, but also, indirectly, her choice of a husband...
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With Your Eyes

Set in the Luberon in the South of France, with its picturesque hilltop villages, its spectacular ochre cliffs and vast fields of purple lavender, With Your Eyes is the story of the love that evolves between a blind woman and a sighted man...
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The Rainbow Seekers

‘We’re all rainbow seekers. We’re not looking for the pot of gold, that doesn’t interest us in the slightest. We’re reaching out to the rainbow itself, to that beautiful vision that inspires us to make music, to paint, to write books or to work the clay, to believe in ideals and in the power of love.’

The Rainbow Seekers are two musicians, Mischa and Stéphane, whose haunting melodies beguile the hearts of passers-by in the streets of Paris…
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The Red Cliffs of Roussillon

The Red Cliffs of Roussillon is the story of two women and their love for the same man.

Maureen, Gérard’s English wife, is a ceramic artist with a deep affinity with her surroundings. She was young and impulsive when she first came to the Luberon, and she was quickly swept off her feet by his sophistication and his irresistible Gallic charm...
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A Pact from the Past

‘Have you ever wondered where we got our names from?… We’re both characters from Homer. Beautiful Helen fell in love with Paris, in your case the city, not the Trojan prince, and abandoned her family and her native country. And Penelope was a stay-at-home.’

Two sisters whose paths have diverged...
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Seasons of Love

Love in the Luberon
Four seasons – spring, summer, autumn, winter
Four stages of adult life – youth, maturity, middle age, old age

Four facets of love – the innocence of romantic love, the intensity of a brief affair, the comfort of mature affection, the familiarity of more than sixty years of marriage...
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Fireside Reflections

Essays, poems and short stories in English and German

Essays, Gedichte und Kurzgeschichten auf Englisch und Deutsch
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Trespassers in Time

‘Every stone of the island is steeped in history and mythology. The shades of the Minoans still dwell within the walls of their palaces, and their Goddess is omnipresent in the caves and sanctuaries… The past is present, and the present is past – and whichever way you look at it, we are trespassers in time.’
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A Perfect Match

The Swiss city of Basel forms the backdrop for Elizabeth Karlhuber’s novel A Perfect Match.

A Perfect MatchThat was what Roxane Martin was dreaming of when she decided to try her luck answering personal advertisements. The title is also an allusion to the merger of two major Basel chemical concerns. And like the employees of the two companies, Roxane was destined to experience considerable suspense and a number of disappointments before her dream finally came true.
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Intermezzo in Atlantis

When Roxane Richter boarded the Georgios Express in Piraeus, she was running away – from a stifling marriage, from her husband and from herself. But as she experienced the timelessness of the Greek islands, where five minutes can easily stretch to half an hour and tomorrow is rarely the day after today, she at last came to terms with the past and began to live in the present.
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