Intermezzo in Atlantis

When Roxane Richter boarded the Georgios Express in Piraeus, she was running away – from a stifling marriage, from her husband and from herself. But as she experienced the timelessness of the Greek islands, where five minutes can easily stretch to half an hour and tomorrow is rarely the day after today, she at last came to terms with the past and began to live in the present.

What had begun as escapism gradually developed into a journey of discovery: the physical discovery of the fascinating island of Santorini, where the past is tangible, the present unreal, and the legend of Atlantis omnipresent; and at another level Roxane’s attainment of a new self-awareness through her love affair with Lefteri, who was just the opposite of her disciplined German husband.

In Intermezzo in Atlantis the Aegean island of Santorini is more than just a picturesque backdrop: the volcanic island, its history, geology and inhabitants, is one of the main characters in Elizabeth Karlhuber’s novel.

Intermezzo in Atlantis
Efstathiadis Group SA, Athens, 1998, 280 pages, CHF 18.50
ISBN: 978 960 226 570 3

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