A Perfect Match

The Swiss city of Basel forms the backdrop for Elizabeth Karlhuber’s novel A Perfect Match.

A Perfect Match That was what Roxane Martin was dreaming of when she decided to try her luck answering personal advertisements. The title is also an allusion to the merger of two major Basel chemical concerns. And like the employees of the two companies, Roxane was destined to experience considerable suspense and a number of disappointments before her dream finally came true.

A Perfect Match is more than just a love story. Elizabeth Karlhuber’s novel is an Australian’s homage to the city of Basel, to the poetry of the Basel carnival, the creativity of the art fair, and the magic of the autumn fair. At another level, the author presents a critical examination of some of the major problems of our times.

‘A Perfect Match is about Basel seen through the eyes of a resident foreigner, Roxane, who finding herself alone, is challenged to make a new life and identity for herself. We discover with her all the nooks and crannies of this inspiring city and share her impressions of the carnival, art fair and autumn fair.’ Hello Basel, September 2000

‘Elizabeth Karlhuber recounts her protagonist's fascinating encounters weaving information about life in Basel and Switzerland generally, in regard to values, habits, festivals, politics, economics, languages, the effects of being embraced by French and German borders, what it's like being a foreigner and more.’ Eva Light

A Perfect Match
Karlhuber Publications, CH - 4103 Bottmingen, 2000, 358 pages, CHF 27.50
ISBN: 978-3-9521990-0-8

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