Fireside Reflections

English texts

Satanic thoughts on the idiosyncrasies of humankind
A desperate mother abandons her newborn child
A chance encounter in transit the day the towers collapsed
Three variations on the theme Christmas in Switzerland

Geschichten auf Deutsch

Wenn einer die Insel verlassen will
Ariadne und Europa – zwei Frauenschicksale aus der Mythologie
Eine unerwiderte Liebe verlangt ein schreckliches Opfer
Die verlorenen Träume eines kurdischen Flüchtlings

Written on such diverse topics as Sin, Injustice, Love, Women’s Destinies or Lost Dreams, differing, too, in length, literary form and language, may these Fireside Reflections continue to provide enjoyment and food for thought long after the flames have subsided.

Fireside Reflections
Karlhuber Publications, CH - 4103 Bottmingen, 2004, 58 pages, CHF 14.80
ISBN: 978-3-9521990-3-9

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