A Pact from the Past

‘Have you ever wondered where we got our names from?… We’re both characters from Homer. Beautiful Helen fell in love with Paris, in your case the city, not the Trojan prince, and abandoned her family and her native country. And Penelope was a stay-at-home.’

Two sisters whose paths have diverged...

Penelope Sinclair flies to Paris to attempt a reconciliation with her sister Helen and to free herself once and for all from her Little Sister Syndrome. United by an event in their childhood that both have forgotten, but estranged by years of separation, they set out for the South of France, where shared experiences gradually bring them closer. But the joy of their reconciliation is soon marred by a personal tragedy that will radically change one of their lives.

A Pact from the Past is a novel about the search for identity, about going away and staying home, about commitments and independence, past and present, life and death. Evocative descriptions whisk the reader away to France to saunter up and down the narrow lanes of medieval perched villages, breathe in the fragrance of vast fields of quivering purple lavender and experience the healing radiance of the all-pervading light of Provence; then to marvel at the grandeur of the past and seek inspiration in the sacred architecture of the French capital.

A Pact from the Past
Karlhuber Publications, CH - 4103 Bottmingen, 2008, 297 pages, CHF 34.00
ISBN: 978-3-9521990-4-6

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