The Rainbow Seekers

‘We’re all rainbow seekers. We’re not looking for the pot of gold, that doesn’t interest us in the slightest. We’re reaching out to the rainbow itself, to that beautiful vision that inspires us to make music, to paint, to write books or to work the clay, to believe in ideals and in the power of love.’

The Rainbow Seekers are two musicians, Mischa and Stéphane, whose haunting melodies beguile the hearts of passers-by in the streets of Paris.
The Rainbow Seekers is the title of a novel that Brenda Buchanan has written about Mischa and Stéphane.
And The Rainbow Seekers is the title of Elizabeth Karlhuber’s novel about Mischa, Stéphane, Brenda and other intriguing characters whose paths cross one summer in Provence.

Set in and around the picturesque village of Roussillon, with its russet-red houses and towering ochre cliffs, this is a novel about love and friendship and the search for one’s identity, about musicians and music, about writing and books and the bond that develops between author, character and reader. Although each chapter appears to tell a separate story, the stories and the characters are linked, just as all of our stories are linked in the book of life.

The Rainbow Seekers
Karlhuber Publications, CH - 4103 Bottmingen, 2010, 197 pages, CHF 27.50
ISBN: 978-3-9521990-6-0

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