With Your Eyes

Set in the Luberon in the South of France, with its picturesque hilltop villages, its spectacular ochre cliffs and vast fields of purple lavender, With Your Eyes is the story of the love that evolves between a blind woman and a sighted man.

Blind from birth, Rebecca Clark is nevertheless a very perceptive person. She perceives people by the sound of their voice, their use of language and the scent of their perfume or aftershave, and she remembers places not just by her companions’ descriptions, but by the sounds and smells around her, and the particular circumstances of her visit. Colours are difficult to imagine except in terms of warmth, but in Provence the sensual impressions are so intense that purple acquires the fragrance of lavender, dark green the tangy scent of pines, and the russet red of the ochre cliffs clacks rhythmically like the ubiquitous cicadas.

Rick Sullivan is a journalist who looks beneath the surface. He is immediately attracted to Rebecca, but as a visual person, he mainly relies on visual means of communication such as eye contact and the whole repertoire of facial expressions and body language, so he has to find new ways to let her know what he feels for her

With Your Eyes
Karlhuber Publications, CH - 4103 Bottmingen, 2012, 313 pages, CHF 29.80
ISBN: 978-3-9521990-7-7

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